Gay for Johnny Depp at the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show





“… a stack of bibles burning to the right of me while I get to see all of his entire films – that might be what happens when you die.”

With a “enter me” button instead of “enter site” at you kind of know what’s in store for you with this Brooklyn based hardcore band. Their music is not for the touchy chickas, but everybody should check out their radio performance from BBC Rock Show where they discuss what character performed by Johnny Depp would be which rock start. Hilarious. It’s on their Myspace page just above the “friends” section, so remember to mute the player while listening.

It’s hard to top the song title ”The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” by Queens of the Stone Age, but I actually think that Gay for Johnny Depp is getting there with titles like ”Very Little Good Happens Between 3 and 4 In the Morning” and ”To the Alcoholics – Life is Depressing” Gotta love em. 


One Response to “Gay for Johnny Depp at the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show”

  1. Yan Carkhuff Says:

    Johnny Depp is one hell of an actor and I love that he not only does a good job with parts he plays but he becomes role and he is one hot man

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