The pros and cons of spring





  • Jesse Hughes and Kristian Baek taught me that it’s never too dark to be cool – meaning you should never be afraid to wear your shades – all year long – night and day. But with the coming of spring and sun, it’s now a little easier to wear my new vintage Versace shades without people looking at me like I forgot to put on clothes.
  • Nail polish dries really fast in the sun of my window ledge meaning there is not a neon pink Hansel and Gratel like trail from my handbag to my keys to the stairways to my fringe to my bicycle to the door of Kaffeplantagen to my yoga mat.
  • Last week I concluded that love is so last year. But it’s not. It’s everywhere.



  • There is so much light all the time. Also in the evening when I normally walk around the lakes of Copenhagen listening to music and playing air guitar in the dark. That must stop now. At least the air guitar bit.
  •  Freckles are just around the corner…. And no, they are not cute unless you are ten years old, wear a large-flowered dress while running in a strawberry field chasing butterflies.
  • Chocolate is melting in my cupboard and my red wine gets too warm.


But overall, I would like to welcome spring!


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