A tribute to the toaster



A toaster is the blusher of the household – in an instant it works wonders for dull and mouldy bread. And who needs a frying pan when you have a toaster? Important note: I’m speaking of a flat toaster which apparently isn’t sold in toasting capital: England. I still remember this guy Jerry, who once visited us in Ribe, laughing his ass off at the breakfast table “You have to TURN the bread! This is hilarious!!!”

My top tip is to roast sliced onions for your sandwich on the toaster. And try to roast marshmallows on a stick if you fancy a little campfire fun on a boring day. The marshmallows won’t have that distinct smoky flavour but they will get just as sticky and disgusting as if the toaster was on fire.

Fast, easy and no cleaning of frying pan!


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