Christmas is now officially over


At least in Denmark according to the saying “Christmas lasts until Easter”. Don’t ask me why, but it might secure me a wedge in the game of Trivial Pursuit one day if I find out. 

To wrap up Christmas I bring you this clip from 1991. My little brother and I talk about Christmas, well I do most of the talking, and it’s almost like hearing myself at a presentation or a meeting with clients in 2009. I even say “platform” – can’t believe it! The t-shirt Casper is wearing he got from cutting out coupons from the cornflakes box. Oh, those were the days… 


If you don’t understand Danish you can enjoy my fashion forward jeans almost similar to the ones from the Balmain spring 09 collection:


And by the way, if you are in doubt during the year just click here:




2 Responses to “Christmas is now officially over”

  1. Kristian Baek Says:

    and the relationships between you and casper also hasn’t evolved…like your presentation technique – dominating minx;-)

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