Common misunderstandings about cleaning and household




Dairy can never get too old – it just turns into a new kind of dairy. The yoghurt formerly known as milk.

When you finally do laundry, don’t do the boring things like towels and sheets, but useful things like trousers and tops. You can easily sleep on a quilt cover and according to my friend Andreas (or was it Bjarke?) wash-leather is what springboard divers use after a dive.

Big closets is one of the neatest solutions when it comes to cleaning up your stuff in a ruff… it’s quite amazing how many shoes, bags, old take-away receipts, candy wrappings, etc. you can fit in the bottom, maybe even a few dirty dishes if the doorbell rings unexpectedly.

Remember it’s called BEST before a certain date. That means that the item can become even better. Just like red wine or nice cheese.


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