The father of Kim, Kathy and Tina visits Copenhagen


When I saw these plates it was love at first sight. I spend months dreaming about the weird mannequins imagining how they would suit my wall and make me a happy person (yes, money can buy happiness in small amounts). I finally decided to purchase them from an Orange County art gallery and thank God they arrived intact in spite of the long journey to Denmark. I can’t think of anyone else but me, who buys fine china online and have it shipped thousands of miles without insurance. Thanks to UPS for handling with care. Anyways, they are created and signed by John Waters who I did not know anything about when I first came across the plates.


Later I learned that he is a renowned actor-instructor-comedian-legend-provocateur kind of guy with a and extraordinary CV. And that he even guest-starred as the gay character John in the great episode of The Simpsons called “Homer Phobia”. Respect.

Believe it or not, this man is coming to Copenhagen next week as a part of the film festival CPH PIX. He has never been to Scandinavia before and will do a performance called ‘This Filthy World – Dirtier & Filthier’. A promising title. Geeks on the inside will of course be sitting in the front row absorbing wisdom from this man of genius.



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