n* grandjean


Danish indie band that makes nectar drip in your ears and your thought fly away! They are one of the sprigs on “Music for Dreams”, a label that has the superpower of spotting talented artists and making them create records with a lot of nerve. I first heard n* grandjean when I was sitting in my kitchen a late night listening to the radio, and there it was, the soundtrack that perfectly matched my state of mind and late night vibe, it was their “Heroes and Saints”. I really recommend that you go to their myspace and listen to “love Rocks”… cause it rocks!! I feel an urge to make them some pretty cover art for the next album!


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One Response to “n* grandjean”

  1. Mikkel Says:

    The next album is emerging slowly. There will be joy and amazement! It is a rare satisfaction to lean back in the knowledge that something miraculously good is on the way…and right now, even better to enjoy the feeling of having a solid reason for abusing your incredible talent. Check out the n*grandjean playsite on myspace. He is a true wonder…

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