Prepare for goose bumps


I got really scared the first time I listened to this song. Music has made me happy, sad and extremly annoyed, but never scared! It was a really powerful experience.

Photo by Hedi Slimane

Normally I think there is a reason why the words violin and violate are so similar, but this tune really got to me. It’s so beautiful and then suddenly this screaming – urgh! The magic of contrasts.

The brains of Final Fantasy is called Owen Pallett and apparently he is the kind of music genius who has created two operas by the age of twenty-one. He toured with Arcade Fire when they were still unknown and actually did the string arrangements of both Neon Bible and Funeral.

According to his myspace blog, the album “He Poos Clouds” containing “Many Lives – 49 MP” began with a list of what he wanted to create:

  1. A set of songs that attempt to modernize each of the eight Dungeon & Dragons schools of magic
  2. Every song will be written for string quartet and voice
  3. Nobody who listens to it will ever again entertain thoughts of suicide

Quite an ambitious list! I don’t know if it went according to plan, but it is indeed a very special and odd album worth exploring.

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