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True that!

May 31, 2009


Unnecessary item… but I want one!

May 30, 2009

A toothbrush holder just after my heart, use it and I will break your arm… put in delicate typo, can it get any better?



toothbrush holder

I hate water but I love the design of this Hawaiian born surfer girl

May 29, 2009


This rucksack by Alexandra Cassaniti with print inspired by stubbles will be glued to my back from now on :)

alexandra logoCheck out the ultra bizarre five second videos on her website directed by Spike Jonze.

Not easy rider… more like sleek rider…

May 28, 2009

OK it has been a very girly theme lately… this isn’t about either cakes or jewelry, this is about a dream of mine. I WANT THIS KIT! I just need a job first so I can afford it. If I close my eyes I can already feel the speed, wind and the scent of Angelina…



Lots of dough

May 27, 2009


Last time I visited my dear friends Mie and Bjarke I fell in lover with their homemade rye bread. And last week Mie stopped by – not only with their homemade, ready to use sourdough, but also with all the ingredients necessary to create a healthy, biodynamic and organic rye bread complete with baking tin! She’s amazing. Now I’m just excited to see if I can create something that might look like bread…


Hello microorganisms!

Leather bows to prettify your wrist

May 26, 2009

I just found these from Designdoktor… I like!

sløjfe arm smal4bsløjfe arm smal13b

The big dog rescue!

May 25, 2009

great pitbull pic

Late last night I found such a sweet dog on the loose, no tags or tattoos. I just couldn’t leave it running around the streets all alone, cause it would get run over in less that ten minutes the way it was running around at a loss. So I put it in the car and took it to the nearest police station. But it was a sad goodbye, cause I just got a new best friend in 20 minutes… 

Wool and the gang

May 24, 2009




Compared to Eva the badass pro knitter I’m N-O-T-H-I-N-G. When I was 12 I knitted a rug for my dollhouse made out of hair from our persian cat that I spun myself on a spindle I made in woodwork class. This is not a joke. Just ask my parents.



The amazing concept by Wool and the gang might get me started again, though. They sell complete knitting kits with yarn, patterns, needles and patches for both beginners and intermediates and have very pedagogical tutorial videos on their website. Their cool website and knitting packaging will get the knitting party started in style – all designed by be-pôles.

If I could whistle ohlala in writing I would

May 21, 2009


KILL PIXIE_poster2


This poster is like chocolate covered nougat – two great things combined. It’s created by Kill Pixie the artist for Autolux the band.

I’ve been waiting for YEARS for the new Autolux album, but the only track yet revealed from it, is Audience No. 2 that can be downloaded here. Wonderfully dark and gloomy on the edge of being depressive in a very cool way. Come on Autolux – finish that record!


Picture 1


Funky freebees

May 21, 2009



My local greengrocer always drops these tiny packages of Lebanese chewing gum in my bag. They are so cute and “chic” is a part of the brand name. And we all know that you are what you eat ;)

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