Fforde fiddles with fantasy


If you are into reading a bit of Sci-fi or fantasy, you need to meet Jasper Fforde. His Thursday Next series are amazing. Smart, well written and nonetheless very humorous indeed. In the first book Thursday Next is a literary agent, working for Special Ops 27, but gets upgraded to an SO-5 agent in the hunt of the master thief Acheron Hades, who steals characters from the master pieces of literature. The story takes place in a carefully thought out parallel universe, where England is a police state in war with imperial Russia, Wales is a separate socialist nation… and Literature is close to being religion. Thursday’s uncle Mycroft, who invents literary technology and has created the Prose Portal, which allows people to enter works of fiction. This ends out in altering endings of classics, people getting imprisoned in Poe poetry and a totally action packed hunt of criminals through “Jane Eyre”. It is hard to explain how much genius Jasper Fforde has managed to press into a single book. When I had finished it, I was overexcited to find out that there was five more books in that series, I’m almost through the third book and is all giddy and can’t wait for the next chapter.


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