Soulwax vs. 2 many DJ’s


Returning to Denmark, I discovered that 2 many DJ’s will be playing at Roskilde Festival which is of course great news since they had to cancel their Rust gig due to illness. Yes, yes, mash-ups, amazing parties, blah blah. We all know the story of 2 many DJ’s, but I would like to dip the flag for Soulwax – still Dave and Stephen but in a rock n’ roll constellation. Their album “Much against everyone’s advice” from 1998 is one of my all time favorites. The songs and the lyrics are plain amazing. Few other artists have inspired my writing like them. They had a small MTV hit with “Too many DJ’s” containing one of my favorite sentences of all time: “If only I could sell myself the way that even I would buy”.

If anyone dares to call the number of one of the DJ’s, please let me know what happens!

Playing as Soulwax they never really had a major breakthrough in Denmark compared to their 2 many DJ’s success, but that doesn’t stop me from worshipping Soulwax like Gods. I saw them play in Malmø 5 years ago at a “more people on stage than in the audience” concert. Pretty much the entire audience is actually in this picture featuring myself as the overexcited fool.



2 Responses to “Soulwax vs. 2 many DJ’s”

  1. Dirty Disco Ninja Says:

    There are way too much digits in those phone numbers :-)
    Great that you support Soulwax. I’ve seen them several time (in various forms) from Soulwax/Nite Versions (live), 2 Many DJs, and they rock the place anytime, and are indeed geniuses. Cool pic by the way 8)

    grtz from Belgium.

    If you like Soulwax, check out “Goose” (also a Belgian band).

    • Line Maria Says:

      wow, Goose really rocks! the clapping in Black Gloves reminds me of to the clapping in the Nite Version version of Krack – sweet :)

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