The big dog rescue!


great pitbull pic

Late last night I found such a sweet dog on the loose, no tags or tattoos. I just couldn’t leave it running around the streets all alone, cause it would get run over in less that ten minutes the way it was running around at a loss. So I put it in the car and took it to the nearest police station. But it was a sad goodbye, cause I just got a new best friend in 20 minutes… 

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31 Responses to “The big dog rescue!”

  1. dangerous pit bull Says:

    is it cool guy?

  2. hayatullah Says:

    who will read this is a mad dog

  3. barrett Says:

    this pit is sexy

  4. imad Says:


  5. dj koukou Says:

    exw kai egw ena pitbull ol gamato ….ta pitbull einai ta mona skulai pou akseizoun…..

    • Eva Says:

      That is so funny, I was totally just going to say that.. (what ever it is)… We do love comments here, but can we get them in english please?

  6. oo 6 774 Says:

    cooooleesszt pitbull ever!!!

  7. lizzy Says:

    it is a cool ace dog!!!!!!

  8. aman Says:

    this is tooooooooooooooo cool

  9. will Says:

    coooooool pitbull love pitbull man

  10. theresa Says:

    What a beautiful picture!

  11. Peter Says:

    What a beautiful dog…

  12. Cassie Says:

    That is a gorgeous pitpull, lovely. I wish I had one.

  13. Chris Says:


  14. Free Hosting n Domains Says:

    very suit for a home security guard

  15. thedogmaster3000 Says:

    that is one cool pit bull my friend he works out

  16. briana Says:

    that is one fin sexy dog;can i find a boyfrind on here sexy boy

  17. Vanessa Says:

    Wow, that’s one beautiful dog<3

  18. MiZsMuRdER666 Says:

    this is a damn fine lookin dog, i love pit bulls, rotweilers, boxers, huskys, german shepherds, and belgian shepherds.

  19. marginal Says:

    suis 584 mai repper kinoi

  20. mariana Says:

    I love dogs
    …4ever pit bulls

  21. P1tBull Says:

    Hello peeps, pit bulls and rottweilers are good and loving dogs, it’s just how you take care of the dog, if you see a dog in a leash or in a hang and walking outside 90% of all time the dog is trained, when you ride a bike, obviously it will chase you because all dogs love rubber, like rubber toys to chew on.

    BY UR HOMI3 G…. Pit bull lova and Rottweiler

  22. Tammi Hollis Says:

    Pitbulls are absolutely precious! If you raise it with love, that is what you will receive in return from them! They are sooooo smart!

  23. Dylan Says:

    That dog is just all kinds of kickass. I would have taken him home no questions asked!

  24. Says:

    if dats da photo of da dog u found den i wish i was you cuz dats 1 sic pitbull

  25. kacie Says:

    pitbulls arnt bad it just hgow you treat them

  26. jodie Says:

    what an angel…racism towards this breed comes from media bullshit and no actual knowledge or first hand experience. i would like to ask you people which type of dog is responsible for the most dog bites?

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