Do you remember her?




I now have to admit to one of my little quirks… I watch Americas Next Top Model… there it is, out in the open. If you do too, it’s OK. And it will even make this post a bit more fun. Remember Elyse Sewell from season 1? She was the skinny one who pissed everybody off by being light years smarter than the rest of the girls. She is now modeling in Hong Kong, and has a rather interesting life. She writes about it at her blog, and it’s hilarious! I can spend hours reading her long posts, look at the pictures of crazy asian packaging, food, fashion insights and just her funny funny way of describing things on her way… check it out, and who would have thought something amazing like that ever would come from ANTM…


From her blog:


Lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. I love you. I got you this gross of shots individually packaged in spermatozoon-shaped plastic bottles. What did you get for me?


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One Response to “Do you remember her?”

  1. Lone Sanco Says:

    I cheerly touched her on the shoulder a couple of years ago, in Copenhagen and said: “Hiiiiiiiiiii”! Around the 3rd og 4th “i”, I realized this was NOT a person I knew and should greet so cheerily but someone I knew from television.

    I scurried off, in the rain, wanting to die.

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