Dead Dad, Ludo and all of that other fun…


Sculptor Ron Mueck is one of my favorite artists. Ever since I saw some of his work for the first time in London, at the old Saatchi Gallery, I’ve been in love. His “Dead Dad” is just so much more than amazing, even awsome (the original way, not the hotdog way). His way of playing with proportions is just so fascinating, everything suddenly seems out of scale when you are near one of his pieces. They are so detailed and naturalistic that it’s almost impossible to grasp that it’s not real. Later on I found out that he started out as a model maker and had helped out in making one of my favorite childhood films “Labyrinth” with David Bowie, he even contributed with the voice of “Ludo”… that made me love him even more!!

Dead Dadmueck.1.600mueck.2.650Spooning_Couple

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