It is so hard to choose!!!



After not being able to go to Roskilde Festival and see Faith No More preform last friday, I’ve been having a trip down memory lane, and have listened to a whole lot of old FNM… which made me think about how f**king hot Mike Patton actually is, still… he’s like good wine, getting better by the years!

And suddenly I was in real doubt… who would I rather wake up next to, while he was singing gently in my ear… Mike Patton, Chris Cornell or Dave Grohl… it’s a real brain buster!


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One Response to “It is so hard to choose!!!”

  1. Kristian Baek Says:

    Mike is definately the kinkiest of the three – after all he is cuckoo for caca as he puts it. And the only one who dares wear orange pastel leisure suits on stage…Chris has a really nice restaurant in Paris – Black Calavados and Dave…well he was the drummer in Nirvana. Give me three chicks and I’ll give you a quick answer.


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