Best beginning of a song – Line G. selection


If you, like me, sometimes only listen to 30 seconds of a song – I recommend these ones:

Bourbon by Future Ex-wife. What part of no don’t you understaaaaaaand? he he..

Shh, Put The Shiv To My Throat by Gay for Johnny Depp – anyone screaming “Behold!” as the first word in a song, I love.

Evil Eye by Fu Manchu

Death Is The Answer by Early Man

2 Responses to “Best beginning of a song – Line G. selection”

  1. korff Says:

    Nice ones … my personal favorite EVIL EYE, but you left out a very important one, well you need 45-50 seconds, but none the less I just crank up the volume every single time this song begins. Alleged by UNSANE.

  2. Line Maria Says:

    Uh, nice one Martin! Well, there we have it – a great top 5 :) I don’t know what I was thinking – who have ever heard of a top 4 of anything Line?? :)

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