Off the record


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Suplex Casettes and one of my favorite bands – art-punk-rock-ish An Emergency – has released 50 copies of what is apparently their last album ever. I won’t be able to play the tape (oh maybe at my parents house!) but I might get it anyway just in memory of this amazing British band who names their songs things like “Irony nein danke” and “Kevin Bacon”. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what the music sounds like with titles like that – the titles already made my day. But An Emergency does in fact sound wonderfully weird and great in addition to creating funny song titles.



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2 Responses to “Off the record”

  1. Eva Says:

    You could play it in my car when we are cruising copenhagen… last car left with a cassette player in it, I think… but it would have to be “Irony nein danke” on repeat, with all the windows down.

  2. Line Maria Says:

    how could i forget that there is a cassette player in Tanja! The scenery you’re describing sounds pretty close to damn cool. Lets go!

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