Pure pleasure


This bubble wrap calendar makes sense on so many levels. It reminds me that there is no use in hanging on to everything yesterday as it has already been popped. That there is no use in focusing on tomorrow, as it is out of reach anyways and you might as well stop thinking about it, as you can’t pop it – until tomorrow. So I will just have to enjoy popping this day and have fun while doing it! Wonder if I can buy a 09 surplus stock, though? And then pop them all on New Years Eve? He he….

I believe it hasn’t been scientifically proven what exactly popping bubble wrap does to the brain, but it must be something like creating a cotton candy themed slumber party in the Corpus calossom, a feeling of dancing the funky chicken in the Frontal lopes and making the Primary visual cortex switch between an image of Josh Hommes and a kitten. We heart bubble wrap.


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One Response to “Pure pleasure”

  1. kelly neville Says:

    this is the cutest kitten aliv

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