Applications Anonymous


applications iphone

“Hi my name is Eva, and I’m an appoholic, and I haven’t downloaded an application for 24 hours”

This is the story about how my new Iphone almost ruined my social life.

First day of apps: I downloaded all the free applications I could come across, including the “inhale helium here” and then forcing my dad to speak into it all night, and then rolling around crying with laughter when his voice came out sounding like an unhappy little smurf.

Day two: I discovered “bubble wrap” I realized that I had spent more than an hour on popping digital bubble-wrap-bubbles and had been enjoying it so much that I had popped more than 4000 assorted sizes of fake plastic bubbles.

Day three: Damn you Iphone, the TED app has arrived. spend all day watching TED-talks walking around my flat, getting educated on the subject of prosthetic legs while brushing my teeth. Learning about how bacteria can talk to each other, while I was making coffee.

First step is awareness. And I’ve now reduced my app abuse to maximum 1 app per day, going cold turkey!!

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One Response to “Applications Anonymous”

  1. Mike Says:

    Bare vent til du er lige så langt ude som os andre, der åbner App Store flere gange om dagen, bare for at tjekke om der er opdateringer med nye features til de programmer man allerede har downloadet…

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