Snakes on a plate


With this tableware by Laura Zindel my grandmothers would never come to dinner as they are both extremly scared of creepy-crawly animals, so I guess I better not put it on my Christmas wish list.





I don’t mind this category of somehow black-listed animals (show me a shark though, and watch me scream….). This is me showing off with a scorpio in South Africa – it was like holding a cotton ball – really light.

Picture 2



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5 Responses to “Snakes on a plate”

  1. peterboogie Says:

    Where’s is the scorpion?! Can’t see it.

  2. peterboogie Says:

    By the way ‘Scorpio’ is an astrological sign, ‘Scorpion’ is an animal. So I guess it’s pretty awesome you’re able to actually hold something metaphysical

  3. Line Maria Says:

    maybe that’s why it was so light…. einstein!!!

  4. Line Maria Says:

    oh, oh, and the scorpion is a very rare IQ Scorpio only visible to dolphins and people with an IQ of 5 or higher…. (stop it Line 7-year old!)

  5. Sarah von Says:

    Gorgeous! I’d love to drink tea out of that!

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