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Happy New Year fellow geeks

December 31, 2009

We like death metal. We like jazz. We like never-heard-of indie bands from Poland. But New Years Eve we love Kylie. See ya in 2010. Lots of love, Line & Eva.

Slip n’ slide

December 30, 2009

This noodle slide fits perfectly in the category of totally unnecessary accessories. But it’s machine washable and I’m pretty sure it fits under a bed, so sign me up for one.

While we are at it, we might as well add some light saber chopsticks to the mayhem. Now dig in a become as strong as Arnold.

Yes mam

December 27, 2009

I have a confession to make!

December 26, 2009

I have never watched Twin Peaks. I know. It’s about as terrible as the result of the COP15 meeting last week. But if anything is remotely scary, I can’t watch it. I have never even watched Candy Man, but just writing about it here means that I won’t be able to look into a mirror for the next 48 hours. I prefer My Little Pony kind of stories loaded with stars and rainbows and hearts and shades of pink!

So when I watched this video (which turned out to be an unofficial one) for the Mount Eerie track “Between Two Mysteries” I went “wow, beautiful footage to match a beautiful song, wonder what they are talking about out of sync with the lyrics”, and I read the youtube comments and discovered that it’s a Twin Peaks clip. I’m not really into TV series, but now I’m completely hooked on the idea of watching Twin Peaks if everything is as cool and mysterious as this clip. Somebody volunteer to hold my hand while watching? Woolen blankets and chocolate brownies included.

Mount Eerie is actually playing Loppen, Christiania April 2010. Apparently Mount Eerie is a guy called Phil Elverum. I think he sings a little like Owen Pallett and the sound reminds me of Peace Burial at Sea. But beware – the song for this video represents the calmer style of his. Most of his music is really noisy and loaded with emotions and definitely not for the weak-hearted.

Mr. Elverum

Shop, drink, eat, sleep and fuck the pain away

December 22, 2009

There are so many enjoyable ways of eliminating pain – can’t blame Peaches for singing about one of the best. In the spirit of the geeks, wise words like hers should be embroided on a pillow and placed in the couch for shady sleepover dudes to rest their head on. Props to gangsta grandma Subversive Stitch for adding some street style to the art of needlework.

Peaches seems kind of geeky herself bending over backwards to get light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation features for her show (that would be LASER for those of you not familiar with the words behind the abbreviation)

If you wanna go behind the scenes/further up her skirt, check out the full story here and watch her drive the Berlin LASER-tech guy mad. Maybe I should give him a call. I want those LASER instruments for my gig in February too! Oh, in combination with some lyrics-pillow-merch maybe… t-shirts and badges are so last year!

Yes, this is dinner

December 15, 2009

Hand in hand

December 14, 2009

Props to Delfina Delettrez for this amazing idea!! If it wasn’t more expensive than my car I would totally get one…

I need colour!

December 13, 2009

It’s funny how paint shops always call their paint something like  “strawberry smoothie” when everyone can tell, that the red shade is more of a “razorcut meets white tiles in the shower”. Or “winter sunrise” when the shade is more similar to a morning piss.

I don’t believe you can find the shade of  “long-life skimmed milk” in a paint shop either, but that is in fact the colour of my skin at the moment. Actually combined with the shade of that annoying bluish UV light in nightclubs that makes you look like a dust covered freak (especially when you have two plastic teeth like me. They do not reflect the light and make me look like a troll. Goodbye hot guy in the bar.)

So if I can just have a sun bed like this, a curling iron, a pair of huge glasses and the popular shade of “the suburban fake-tan queen” meets “over fried chicken breast thank you Eva for always calling when I’m cooking” I believe I can go through the winter quite fine. Being invisible should have ceratin upsides though, but I must admit I prefer to be able to tell where I stop and where I begin.

All I want for christmas is…

December 12, 2009

Rats! I think I’ve got vermin in my jewelry box

December 11, 2009

Can design ideas be too weird? or is it just edgy and cool? Reid Peppard taxidermys little things also known as vermin, and makes them into jewelry with silver and crystals. Pigeon headpieces, mouse necklaces and a guinea pig crowns…  I think they are weirdly cool, and I would throw on those pigeon wings any time, the “scary guinea pig crown” tough I think I would only wear on very special occasions, like never.

“Being a vegetarian, all animals used in my work are either roadkill, caught by my cat, from a local City Farm, or “snake food” (bought frozen from a pet shop, with the remainders fed to my cat Panasonic).”
Ried Peppard

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