Rats! I think I’ve got vermin in my jewelry box


Can design ideas be too weird? or is it just edgy and cool? Reid Peppard taxidermys little things also known as vermin, and makes them into jewelry with silver and crystals. Pigeon headpieces, mouse necklaces and a guinea pig crowns…  I think they are weirdly cool, and I would throw on those pigeon wings any time, the “scary guinea pig crown” tough I think I would only wear on very special occasions, like never.

“Being a vegetarian, all animals used in my work are either roadkill, caught by my cat, from a local City Farm, or “snake food” (bought frozen from a pet shop, with the remainders fed to my cat Panasonic).”
Ried Peppard


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4 Responses to “Rats! I think I’ve got vermin in my jewelry box”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I must own the “scary guinea pig crown” – thank you for sharing, Steve :)

  2. Eva Says:

    Oh you are more than welcome… and I’m sure that it will look pretty on you Charles… and I’m getting more and more hooked on the Rat Pouch…

  3. silas Says:

    LOL – there’s business opportunity in Goa – lots of road kills though mostly dogs and apes – but guess it’ll just be bags then;) – there’s definitely an audience for this fashion statement – hehe

  4. inthebellyofashark Says:

    I like, I love, I desire. <3 wonderful.

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