I need colour!


It’s funny how paint shops always call their paint something like  “strawberry smoothie” when everyone can tell, that the red shade is more of a “razorcut meets white tiles in the shower”. Or “winter sunrise” when the shade is more similar to a morning piss.

I don’t believe you can find the shade of  “long-life skimmed milk” in a paint shop either, but that is in fact the colour of my skin at the moment. Actually combined with the shade of that annoying bluish UV light in nightclubs that makes you look like a dust covered freak (especially when you have two plastic teeth like me. They do not reflect the light and make me look like a troll. Goodbye hot guy in the bar.)

So if I can just have a sun bed like this, a curling iron, a pair of huge glasses and the popular shade of “the suburban fake-tan queen” meets “over fried chicken breast thank you Eva for always calling when I’m cooking” I believe I can go through the winter quite fine. Being invisible should have ceratin upsides though, but I must admit I prefer to be able to tell where I stop and where I begin.


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2 Responses to “I need colour!”

  1. peterboogie Says:

    Ha ha ha! Gimme one of those. I’m beginning to look seriously ‘aged brie meets hobby glue’

  2. Line Maria Says:

    you can borrow mine if you promise to wear the glasses too!!

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