Shop, drink, eat, sleep and fuck the pain away


There are so many enjoyable ways of eliminating pain – can’t blame Peaches for singing about one of the best. In the spirit of the geeks, wise words like hers should be embroided on a pillow and placed in the couch for shady sleepover dudes to rest their head on. Props to gangsta grandma Subversive Stitch for adding some street style to the art of needlework.

Peaches seems kind of geeky herself bending over backwards to get light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation features for her show (that would be LASER for those of you not familiar with the words behind the abbreviation)

If you wanna go behind the scenes/further up her skirt, check out the full story here and watch her drive the Berlin LASER-tech guy mad. Maybe I should give him a call. I want those LASER instruments for my gig in February too! Oh, in combination with some lyrics-pillow-merch maybe… t-shirts and badges are so last year!

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