I have a confession to make!


I have never watched Twin Peaks. I know. It’s about as terrible as the result of the COP15 meeting last week. But if anything is remotely scary, I can’t watch it. I have never even watched Candy Man, but just writing about it here means that I won’t be able to look into a mirror for the next 48 hours. I prefer My Little Pony kind of stories loaded with stars and rainbows and hearts and shades of pink!

So when I watched this video (which turned out to be an unofficial one) for the Mount Eerie track “Between Two Mysteries” I went “wow, beautiful footage to match a beautiful song, wonder what they are talking about out of sync with the lyrics”, and I read the youtube comments and discovered that it’s a Twin Peaks clip. I’m not really into TV series, but now I’m completely hooked on the idea of watching Twin Peaks if everything is as cool and mysterious as this clip. Somebody volunteer to hold my hand while watching? Woolen blankets and chocolate brownies included.

Mount Eerie is actually playing Loppen, Christiania April 2010. Apparently Mount Eerie is a guy called Phil Elverum. I think he sings a little like Owen Pallett and the sound reminds me of Peace Burial at Sea. But beware – the song for this video represents the calmer style of his. Most of his music is really noisy and loaded with emotions and definitely not for the weak-hearted.

Mr. Elverum


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3 Responses to “I have a confession to make!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Jeg har faktisk heller aldrig set Twin Peaks og efter jeg for nyligt delte ud af den information, er en del af mine venner begyndt at tale meget langsomt til mig, fordi de tror jeg er retarderet…

  2. Megs Says:

    I watched Twin Peaks when it was on television the first time around (making me 34 now if you want to do the math for my age, :) and am same way, I don’t like to commit to watching television programs that are in the bite full – I prefer a movie over episodes, I guess is what am saying! But I highly recommend Twin Peaks, not only for its David Lynch quirkiness or its cult following but because the element of style, perfect cinemotography, casting, and precision of timing and characters is quite fantastic in every way and it was the last program I followed on television. I can’t recommend enough *and I never get down in someone else’s television business, ever*. xo.

  3. Line Maria Says:

    Wow, I guess I just have to find the DVD box set as soon as possible! It sound like Twin Peaks is more similar to a piece of art than a TV show :) can’t wait.

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