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Dear me!!

January 29, 2010

This just don’t stop being funny, badly taxidermied animals by people who clearly never saw even a picture or a bad drawing of the species.

Watch and learn

January 28, 2010

I highly recommend locking away your TV. I did that about a year ago and I haven’t regretted it for a second. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch pictures in motion – I just choose what I want to see online. And there is plenty of good stuff out there – one of my favorites being VBS.TV. Showing everything from the biggest ass in Brazil to black hole research at CERN it can’t be beat by any real TV station. At the moment they are showing an 8-episode “travel guide” to Liberia that is really thought provoking (episode 7 was released yesterday). It’s definitely not your average travel guide about where to get the best mojitos or how to pet an elephant in the right way. Keywords are more like civil war, killings, cannibalism, corrupt brothel industry, heroin and lack of healthcare.

In my opinion, one of the best VBS.TV productions so far is the documentary “Heavy Metal in Bagdad” about the band Acrassicauda who struggle to keep the band together in spite of the war going on around them in Iraq. The documentary must be about 3 years old by now. I watched it in London at the ICA and still remember the look the ticket-sales-girl gave me from above her square-framed hipster glasses when I asked for two tickets to Heavy Metal in Bangladesh – clearly thinking  “It should have been my art hanging on these walls, come on, spot my talent so I don’t have to sell tickets to moron Danes with a ridiculous English accent who mix up Bagdad with Bangladesh. Get me out of here!”.

Be sure to watch it if you ever get the opportunity.

Recession solutions

January 27, 2010

In case you don’t have a small fortune to buy the silver version, this is the D.I.Y. solution, made of leather and brass rings… and I kind of like it… But I would still very much like the Delettrez piece!

It’s an order

January 26, 2010

Divine jackets

January 23, 2010

I’m so proud of my Salvation Army leather jacket collection! This black one is the oldest. At least in my closet. Love the bat-wing sleeves and the two-button collar. 45 kr. (8.33 USD)

The red one has got an amazing tuxedo-like closure. Sort of a Sonny Crockett meets Biker With A Thing For Red jacket. 50 kr. (9.26 USD)

The brown one is newly purchased and still got that smell of dead-cat-meets-old-lady-and-they-sit-on-the-jacket-playing-bridge-with-stinky-old-playing-cards-and-smoke-and-sweat-meat-like-juices-into-it. In this case: thank God for germ killing Rodalon!

The shoulder pads are huge. And Iove the triangular shapes of the design. 90 kr. (16.67 USD)

And paisley printed lining! This jacket is perfect in every way.

Can you live without this book?

January 22, 2010

It is definitely on my wish list!

Let the bag do the talking

January 19, 2010




Alphabet bags rules.

A heartcover book

January 16, 2010

Today I became a fan of both Howie Good and Mia Christopher. Howie for writing the clever words of “My Heart Draws a Rough Map” and Mia for doing the beautiful illustrations. Chapter 8 left me speechless (well, I wasn’t talking to anyone, but my mind became still) and chapter 6 is also great. What I’m trying to say is: just read the whole thing – it’s free and it’s right here.

My music pusher extraordinaire

January 14, 2010

Thank you thank you thank you Vice for introducing the genre cold wave to me a few moths ago. I’m the Line with the comment “This is better than chocolate. And sex. And chocolate covered sex” at your download site. I love the 30 minutes of hot, hot, hot cold wave – well almost. Actually, I don’t like the first track, but from 5:05 the mix is sweeter than sweet. This track by cold wave wonder kids Solid Space (who must be my parents age by now and only released one LP in 1982) is a part of the mix and “Destination Moon” is close to being one of the most perfect songs ever made if you ask me. Short and sweet, simple and beautiful.

In my quest for more great music I was thrilled to discover the new Vice online music player with all sorts of treats selected by the Vice guys or girls or monkeys or whoever runs that place. I must say – your music taste is impeccable. So far Assassins 88 (very Wavves like, but still good) and Beak has been great encounters. If you wanna geek out on more cold wave in particular, I recommend following this blog and listen to a weekly show on East Village Radio called Minimal Wave.

Everybody dance now! Or sit and stare out the window. As long as you do both once in a while.

Just found my new car…

January 13, 2010

When the Lacoste car needs to be put to sleep, this is going to be its successor !

And I will be wearing this while driving it

Thanks Tom!

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