My music pusher extraordinaire


Thank you thank you thank you Vice for introducing the genre cold wave to me a few moths ago. I’m the Line with the comment “This is better than chocolate. And sex. And chocolate covered sex” at your download site. I love the 30 minutes of hot, hot, hot cold wave – well almost. Actually, I don’t like the first track, but from 5:05 the mix is sweeter than sweet. This track by cold wave wonder kids Solid Space (who must be my parents age by now and only released one LP in 1982) is a part of the mix and “Destination Moon” is close to being one of the most perfect songs ever made if you ask me. Short and sweet, simple and beautiful.

In my quest for more great music I was thrilled to discover the new Vice online music player with all sorts of treats selected by the Vice guys or girls or monkeys or whoever runs that place. I must say – your music taste is impeccable. So far Assassins 88 (very Wavves like, but still good) and Beak has been great encounters. If you wanna geek out on more cold wave in particular, I recommend following this blog and listen to a weekly show on East Village Radio called Minimal Wave.

Everybody dance now! Or sit and stare out the window. As long as you do both once in a while.

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