Divine jackets


I’m so proud of my Salvation Army leather jacket collection! This black one is the oldest. At least in my closet. Love the bat-wing sleeves and the two-button collar. 45 kr. (8.33 USD)

The red one has got an amazing tuxedo-like closure. Sort of a Sonny Crockett meets Biker With A Thing For Red jacket. 50 kr. (9.26 USD)

The brown one is newly purchased and still got that smell of dead-cat-meets-old-lady-and-they-sit-on-the-jacket-playing-bridge-with-stinky-old-playing-cards-and-smoke-and-sweat-meat-like-juices-into-it. In this case: thank God for germ killing Rodalon!

The shoulder pads are huge. And Iove the triangular shapes of the design. 90 kr. (16.67 USD)

And paisley printed lining! This jacket is perfect in every way.


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