Watch and learn


I highly recommend locking away your TV. I did that about a year ago and I haven’t regretted it for a second. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch pictures in motion – I just choose what I want to see online. And there is plenty of good stuff out there – one of my favorites being VBS.TV. Showing everything from the biggest ass in Brazil to black hole research at CERN it can’t be beat by any real TV station. At the moment they are showing an 8-episode “travel guide” to Liberia that is really thought provoking (episode 7 was released yesterday). It’s definitely not your average travel guide about where to get the best mojitos or how to pet an elephant in the right way. Keywords are more like civil war, killings, cannibalism, corrupt brothel industry, heroin and lack of healthcare.

In my opinion, one of the best VBS.TV productions so far is the documentary “Heavy Metal in Bagdad” about the band Acrassicauda who struggle to keep the band together in spite of the war going on around them in Iraq. The documentary must be about 3 years old by now. I watched it in London at the ICA and still remember the look the ticket-sales-girl gave me from above her square-framed hipster glasses when I asked for two tickets to Heavy Metal in Bangladesh – clearly thinking  “It should have been my art hanging on these walls, come on, spot my talent so I don’t have to sell tickets to moron Danes with a ridiculous English accent who mix up Bagdad with Bangladesh. Get me out of here!”.

Be sure to watch it if you ever get the opportunity.

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