The real McConvoy


There are people out there for which the trucker cap isn’t just the favourite headpiece of the 2002 hipster. People who take customizing to another level than just spray-painting their fixie bike in the same shade as their butt crack.

I found this magnificent book the same day as I found “Painted Ponies – American carousel art”. It was indeed my lucky day. I could easily post the entire book as it is pure awesomeness, but here are some selected features:

We are the robots.

I wish this was my livingroom.

Hi Barbie! Hi Slovakian Ken! Wanna go for a ride? No thanks.

So. Shiny. Can’t. See. Need. Trucker. Shades.

Paris Hilton of the road.

Airbrushing on acid. Indians & Aliens. Sounds like a really bad (or great?) B-movie.

This trucker wears more rings than I do!

The Japanese sure know how to pimp their ride. If there is not a karaoke machine and sushi assembly line inside this truck, I will be very disappointed


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