The art of seed bag design


As a child, the DIY centre was my second home – my parents where renovating our house and where shopping there like mad. I would spend most of the time there eating the decorating pasta in the display kitchens, flipping through posters with tacky 80’ies motives in the “interior” section (which wasn’t tacky at that point as it was in the 80’ies) or look at the bags of seeds in the garden section. I was so fascinated by the fact that these bags contained what the picture showed. I have no idea why I suddenly recall this, but I googled myself down memory lane and found these images.

The dominant cauliflower. Over-the-knee patent leather boots and whip not included.

Can’t wait for this silver tray to emerge from the soil.

This picture is so misleading. Everyone knows that a regular pea pod consists of one pea normal size, one pea tiny size, one worm, one pea huge size tasting of dust, one more worm.

Oh, I feel the Garten freude in my body… Must have more tomatoes. Been awake for 48 hours straight. Can’t stop eating. Muahahaha!

Yellow beets. And by yellow we mean f**king yellow.

You have always been my favourite gardener – Lord Nelson?


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One Response to “The art of seed bag design”

  1. peterboogie Says:

    Ha ha ha LOVE it!

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