First night out in NYC


We’ve been here less than 24 hours, but we already learned a lot here in New York:

1) When a bar is called Dark Room, it’s pretty damn dark inside.

2) If you mention tequila to a Mexican, they won’t shut up till you actually drink one.

3) Here they serve tequila shots in the size of pints.

4) In Chinatown they basically only speak chinese.

5) It’s really hard to find a bad cup of coffee here.

6) Line is going old school and will need to get her holiday photos developed, party like it’s 1994!

7) Oh! and it rains a lot here, so much for walking around… Thank God for yellow cabs!


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2 Responses to “First night out in NYC”

  1. Kristian Baek Says:

    NYC sucks

  2. Line Maria Says:

    Yes, it sucks your money out of your wallet!

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