WTF fashion brand names


We stayed with the magnificent Lance at the end of our trip, who has the craziest collection of rock n’ roll vintage t-shirt. He took us to a few of his favourite vintage shops, where I bought this shirt with the weird name of Country Suburbans that inspired me to go through my closet in the search of more WTF’ers…

Like people living even further away than in the country side? And the shirt is super space age… ooookay! Just let them brainstorm until the doctor arrives.

When you feel the urge to call your brand so many superlatives, it is very likely to be none of the above.
A very clever way to get away with any kind of design. Come on people, it’s just cartoon fashion!

Apparently a TV station with a daily broadcast of Lassie movies and Thomas The Train extended their brand with a fashion line.

Cool. You are what you wear.

We all thought that scooter was only a German hard dance band or something to take you from A to B faster than a bicycle but slower than a car. Think again dear fashion lovers.


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One Response to “WTF fashion brand names”

  1. tasheki kishayoti Says:

    country suburbans lol :D

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