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Coolest car ever. Period.

December 4, 2010



Do you accept Christmas cards?

December 2, 2010

Money can’t buy the props you get from friends and familiy when sending them an old school Christmas card sealed with a kiss. Here are some geek favorites:

Pop-up! It could say “fuck you” and we would still love it…

By Tracy Chong.

The Christmas sweater gone even wilder.

By Dog And Pony Show Card.

Self explaining. Just buy the stamp and send it.

By Hayley & Lucas.

When lentils and herbal tea is on the Christmas menu.

By The Letter Betty.

Ahhh… 24 days of sugar rush and poor German chocolate for breakfast.

By Art School Girl.

XOXO. By Art School Girl.

…. and a happy hipster New Year. Wonder what the 2011 hipster will look like? And what will be next when the fixie dies?

(sorry – can’t remember where I found this. Too much gløgg…)

This is what happens when it gets too cold to go outside…

December 1, 2010

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