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Earth to Zack Morrison

March 31, 2011

What? Is it Line? You want my trainers? And you have jeans similar to mine? And this syntetic chair and carpet creates so much static electricity that I would never have to charge this funky phone again?

I miss the cheap version of 90210/less intelligent version of Degrassi Junior High: Saved by the bell. How cool is that scooter and how fake are those smiles?

More neon. Less worries.

Apparently you need a bell ringing and the first line of your theme song to be “Wake up in the morning” to make  a successful TV show for the young crowd.

Is it just me or is that zipping of pants slightly inappropriate? Well, thinking of Samantha Fox and making dreams come true between your hands is of course completely normal.



2-D vandals

March 26, 2011

By Malaysian born Drewfunk. Love his style.

Sign me up

March 23, 2011

Random acts of clicking in between checking facebook and twitter somehow led me to the label Young & Lost Club. Yes, I like that name.


I had to buy this tote and got their 2 disc compilation from 2010 as well. It just entered my ears, but so far I really like Bombay Bicycle Club with Evening/Morning (reminds me of Maximo Park – which is good!) and Oh Minnows with Might and Johnny Flynn with Tickle Me Pink.


The beauty of something that used to be

March 21, 2011

A horse.

A hen.

A mouse.

It’s a fact

March 16, 2011

Rachel E. Foster. Again.

Through the lens of Lance

March 15, 2011

A close friend of the geeks, photographer Lance Horenbein, has a crazy sense of aesthetics, style and everything with a history. His giant crib in Greene Street New York is decorated with wicked cool vintage gems and it’s like being in a movie set to hang out there. He is collector of all sorts. We’re talking you don’t like this old puzzle in a frame with superheroes fighting a shark Line? No, not next to the bed… ok, I’ll find another old puzzle in a frame with different superheroes suitable for your taste… Thanks Lance!

Lance has photographed his way through life and we love some of his old photos in particular. A lot of them has recently been scanned and put together in books. Get them here.






Backpack deluxe

March 11, 2011

There’s not much full moon party and dirty t-shirts rolled up between flip-flops and a worn-out copy of Lonely Planet Asia over this backpack by Hærfest. Tres chick and perfect for my laptop. Love the grey colour and the leather looks earlobe soft.

Cool bagpibes kind of bag. Makes me think that the geeks might need a field trip to Scotland one day. Tartan for Line, scotch for Eva and men with no underwear.

Sweet truth of the day

March 8, 2011


There is no need to ask about the expiration date of the Bisous Ciao Macarons, Lower East Side, New York. Chances are that they will last somewhere between 3-5 minutes in the bag. Even though it’s closely tied with a pink ribbon and the macarons are tucked away in a box and layers of paper, and are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. I tried the chocolate, espresso and chai versions and I have to come back soon and test the entire range. Go get yourself sugared out if you are in the neighborhood.

Dark chocolate.


Peppermint chocolate.



Masala spiced chai.


Macarons on parade. (also the title of a very rare Rage Against the Machine single only released in Japan)


Pencil in one hand, perfection in the other.

March 4, 2011

With his photorealistic (this one is for you baby!!) charcoal drawings, Robert Longo creates these dark and thoughtful pieces. I especially love his use of light and contrasts. It’s amazing how he can create shapes with barely notable shadows. Also the way he names his works gives them a slight ironic and darker meaning.







Taking the chisel to the wall…

March 2, 2011

Vhils is giving cities faces, carving them into the walls…

I got the link to these from my barista, thank you Alex, and no I’m not redecorating my bathroom this way!

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