Through the lens of Lance


A close friend of the geeks, photographer Lance Horenbein, has a crazy sense of aesthetics, style and everything with a history. His giant crib in Greene Street New York is decorated with wicked cool vintage gems and it’s like being in a movie set to hang out there. He is collector of all sorts. We’re talking you don’t like this old puzzle in a frame with superheroes fighting a shark Line? No, not next to the bed… ok, I’ll find another old puzzle in a frame with different superheroes suitable for your taste… Thanks Lance!

Lance has photographed his way through life and we love some of his old photos in particular. A lot of them has recently been scanned and put together in books. Get them here.







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One Response to “Through the lens of Lance”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Wow! Lance is super cool! He must have an awesome big sister.

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