Earth to Zack Morrison


What? Is it Line? You want my trainers? And you have jeans similar to mine? And this syntetic chair and carpet creates so much static electricity that I would never have to charge this funky phone again?

I miss the cheap version of 90210/less intelligent version of Degrassi Junior High: Saved by the bell. How cool is that scooter and how fake are those smiles?

More neon. Less worries.

Apparently you need a bell ringing and the first line of your theme song to be “Wake up in the morning” to make  a successful TV show for the young crowd.

Is it just me or is that zipping of pants slightly inappropriate? Well, thinking of Samantha Fox and making dreams come true between your hands is of course completely normal.




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2 Responses to “Earth to Zack Morrison”

  1. qubarchitects Says:

    This made my day!

  2. grace Says:

    they don’t make em like they used to!

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