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Temporary tattoo as temporary business card

December 27, 2011

Yep, it’s that meta. Visit Graceland in Brooklyn for tattoos, haircuts or both.

Say it with stamps

December 20, 2011

Get’em here or here.

My little PMS pony

December 17, 2011

Don’t worry. It didn’t happen.

May 23, 2011

By Ben Frost.

Useless talent. Now in a music video.

May 12, 2011

I’m guilty of getting men to bed using my Etch a Sketch skills. There, I said it. It somehow just works better than the “wanna see my stamp collection?” move. Tried and tested.

I just finished this video as a part of  my music project. It took a weekend shooting everything and I did it together with the great Jonas Krüger who directed, filmed and edited. Thank you mother for providing me with the Etch a Sketch gene! She has the skill too…

Time for royaltea and fun – the geeks are going to London

April 28, 2011

How sweet is Eva to invite me to London as a birthday present? Love you darling! What we didn’t think of when planning the trip was the royal wedding happening tomorrow. But we will do our best to avoid the mayhem and sip our tea and swirl our red wine like any other day at the office. See you there!

Eerie Easter greetings

April 21, 2011

There is something about old school Easter bunnies that has always freaked me out. They are acting like they are in a David Lynch or Tim Burton movie and they are kind of in the same category as clowns smiling too hard and doctors trying to convince you that you will only feel a tiny pinprick when the needle with the measles vaccine enters your arm. Happy Easter from the geeks.


Have a seat my mortal friend. Lemonade?

April 20, 2011

Spring is here and it’s time to shop for new garden furniture. It doesn’t get much cooler than this. Approved by the emo-youth and the perfect place to seat mother-in-laws. By Pool.

You know what to follow

April 5, 2011

Earth to Zack Morrison

March 31, 2011

What? Is it Line? You want my trainers? And you have jeans similar to mine? And this syntetic chair and carpet creates so much static electricity that I would never have to charge this funky phone again?

I miss the cheap version of 90210/less intelligent version of Degrassi Junior High: Saved by the bell. How cool is that scooter and how fake are those smiles?

More neon. Less worries.

Apparently you need a bell ringing and the first line of your theme song to be “Wake up in the morning” to make  a successful TV show for the young crowd.

Is it just me or is that zipping of pants slightly inappropriate? Well, thinking of Samantha Fox and making dreams come true between your hands is of course completely normal.



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