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Keep it very, very simple

November 29, 2010

I’m guilty of picking this old book out of a dumpster. Who will throw out such greatness? Sigh!


Teach your children well

August 1, 2010

If I ever get a child, I hope this is what the kid would point and say, going through a picture book like this fab one:

Chucky’s sister.

That thing not to bend over for.

Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny boots of leather.

Guy not to accept a lollipop from.

Hipster alert.

Mine or yours mummy?

Bookmark this

April 14, 2010

A few lovely ways to keep track of where you had to leave the magic of your book.

This is my favourite. Should be very easy to replicate for the DIY savvy.


Perfect for the erotic short stories. Or for “The fast and the furious” novel edition, which I hope doesn’t exist!

A brilliant take on the already-built-in bookmark.

Smørrebrød for dummies

April 5, 2010

The real McConvoy

February 17, 2010

There are people out there for which the trucker cap isn’t just the favourite headpiece of the 2002 hipster. People who take customizing to another level than just spray-painting their fixie bike in the same shade as their butt crack.

I found this magnificent book the same day as I found “Painted Ponies – American carousel art”. It was indeed my lucky day. I could easily post the entire book as it is pure awesomeness, but here are some selected features:

We are the robots.

I wish this was my livingroom.

Hi Barbie! Hi Slovakian Ken! Wanna go for a ride? No thanks.

So. Shiny. Can’t. See. Need. Trucker. Shades.

Paris Hilton of the road.

Airbrushing on acid. Indians & Aliens. Sounds like a really bad (or great?) B-movie.

This trucker wears more rings than I do!

The Japanese sure know how to pimp their ride. If there is not a karaoke machine and sushi assembly line inside this truck, I will be very disappointed

The gourmet blender

February 5, 2010

Going through my stuff I found this little gem, from lost times when a blender was an exotic thing… I just love finding things that I forgot I had… I have to try out one of the recipes sometimes when I’m filled with courage

Bring on the dark winter nights

December 5, 2009

I was at Kristian’s place making music yesterday, and brought back this stack of books. Can’t wait to disappear under a woolen blanket and learn from the big boys in the schoolyard.

If I were to be a photographer…

September 27, 2009

I would like to be Valerie Philips. I just ordered this book by her:

Picture 6

… and I just love her wonderful pictures.

Picture 1

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 2

Picture 4

Too good to be true: Painted Ponies

September 7, 2009

One day I ended up in a a second-hand bookshop – I don’t remember why. Maybe it started raining and I was in need of shelter? Maybe I saw an ex-boyfriend I needed to escape from? Anyways, I entered the store, and right in front of me I was greeted by this book: Painted Ponies – the history of american carousel art. I couldn’t believe it. This book contains everything I love: Ponies, fairgrounds, creepy atmosphere pictures and unnecessary knowledge. If there was a chapter about flourless chocolate cakes, It would be complete.







Fry… Stephen Fry

September 3, 2009

stephen fry

This man has written one of my favorite books, “The Hippopotamus” and been a part of so many other great things. To list a few: Jeeves in “Jeeves and Wooster” (loved it!), Blackadder, comic partner of Hugh Laurie in “A bit of Fry and Laurie“, made interesting documentaries, was in V for Vendetta, and is the host of QI, the best TV show ever. There is just way too many things to list them all here. This man is a pure genius. Smart, funny and terribly interesting. Most of all I really love when he’s narrating audiobooks! This man has been reading me to sleep for a long time now…

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