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Watch and learn

January 28, 2010

I highly recommend locking away your TV. I did that about a year ago and I haven’t regretted it for a second. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch pictures in motion – I just choose what I want to see online. And there is plenty of good stuff out there – one of my favorites being VBS.TV. Showing everything from the biggest ass in Brazil to black hole research at CERN it can’t be beat by any real TV station. At the moment they are showing an 8-episode “travel guide” to Liberia that is really thought provoking (episode 7 was released yesterday). It’s definitely not your average travel guide about where to get the best mojitos or how to pet an elephant in the right way. Keywords are more like civil war, killings, cannibalism, corrupt brothel industry, heroin and lack of healthcare.

In my opinion, one of the best VBS.TV productions so far is the documentary “Heavy Metal in Bagdad” about the band Acrassicauda who struggle to keep the band together in spite of the war going on around them in Iraq. The documentary must be about 3 years old by now. I watched it in London at the ICA and still remember the look the ticket-sales-girl gave me from above her square-framed hipster glasses when I asked for two tickets to Heavy Metal in Bangladesh – clearly thinking  “It should have been my art hanging on these walls, come on, spot my talent so I don’t have to sell tickets to moron Danes with a ridiculous English accent who mix up Bagdad with Bangladesh. Get me out of here!”.

Be sure to watch it if you ever get the opportunity.

I miss my fellow blogger!

December 4, 2009


… hopefully your computer will get well soon!

The big dog rescue!

May 25, 2009

great pitbull pic

Late last night I found such a sweet dog on the loose, no tags or tattoos. I just couldn’t leave it running around the streets all alone, cause it would get run over in less that ten minutes the way it was running around at a loss. So I put it in the car and took it to the nearest police station. But it was a sad goodbye, cause I just got a new best friend in 20 minutes… 

Back to life, back to reality

May 10, 2009




After 7 days with piles of bananas and bulgur and huge amounts of yoga, I’m now back in Copenhagen. The trip to Marrakech was so wonderfully relaxing that I didn’t even care about reading half the newsstand of magazines that I brought with me. But I most say, that the Terry R. spread in Vogue Hommes managed to catch my sunglass covered eyes…


No more yoga whale sounds for me when PJ Harvey and John Parish will fill my partly deaf ears (this is not a metaphor – it’s a fact! thank you for flying SAS) with some genuine music tomorrow at Vega – weeeeeeee!

Marrakech, here I come

May 1, 2009

This is not a yoga posture as far as I can tell, but I imagine myself looking something like this by the pool in Marrakech (slightly larger sunglasses, though), where I will be spending the next week relaxing and doing yoga with the amazing teacher Cristiaanaa Sabella. See ya in seven days!

Common misunderstandings about cleaning and household

April 13, 2009



Dairy can never get too old – it just turns into a new kind of dairy. The yoghurt formerly known as milk.

When you finally do laundry, don’t do the boring things like towels and sheets, but useful things like trousers and tops. You can easily sleep on a quilt cover and according to my friend Andreas (or was it Bjarke?) wash-leather is what springboard divers use after a dive.

Big closets is one of the neatest solutions when it comes to cleaning up your stuff in a ruff… it’s quite amazing how many shoes, bags, old take-away receipts, candy wrappings, etc. you can fit in the bottom, maybe even a few dirty dishes if the doorbell rings unexpectedly.

Remember it’s called BEST before a certain date. That means that the item can become even better. Just like red wine or nice cheese.

Origami Yoda

April 9, 2009

Some people just have too much time on their hands! I like it…yoda_origami-1

Colour me bad. Or good. Or whatever.

April 8, 2009

I just want these crayon rings!


Migraine hamster

April 8, 2009


My precious

April 6, 2009


Last time I visited my parents in Ribe I found this ring. It’s kind of big and heavy and got this mystic karma that attracted me instantly. Inside it says “Olly 1943” and a few weeks ago I asked my mother who this Olly person is. Or was. She didn’t know, but my grandfather did, and this is what he told me:

“My grandfather had a brother named Lorenz Meesenburg who was a shipping broker and Swedish consul in Latvia where he met his wife. She had a sister – Olly – a real lady who was a governess at the ocean liner Queen Mary in her youth. She was married twice (living in Singapore) and called herself Olly Livingstone Weiner. She is buried in Malmø Sweden.”

And now I wear her beautiful ring. I think it’s truly amazing! Props to Olly.

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