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Buttlickchlorpheniramine for your walls

February 7, 2013

Drugs_Oratamin_1_Main_1024x1024 Drugs_Oratamin_1_Detail1_1024x1024

Or if you prefer the 500mg shutthefuckupphosphate, then it’s available too. These are danish produced artwork to prettify your space and tease your brain.




And this guy just looks like he needs a straight up Prozac!



Cool artwork from no 17


All you need in life

February 28, 2011

Remember this:

December 30, 2010

By Rachel E. Foster.

Add the f-word and stir until smooth

December 16, 2010

This is very simple and very funny. What the fuck should I make for dinner brings you loads of great recipes with a touch of f-word. They even have a webstore with accessories. Fucking love it.

And then the search goes on and on and on….



One of each from the webshop, please:


Additional views. Brilliant.



Three little words

December 5, 2010

Mo money mo problems

November 26, 2010

By Friends of Type

It’s funny because it’s true

November 12, 2010


October 6, 2010

Yes. The geeks will now be talking to other than each other, their computers when they break down (that is actually more like screaming) and sometimes accidentally people on Skype.

We are launching an interview series with some of the most creative and coolest people we know. First question is what he/she would like to drink and where. We are hoping for a mix between absinthe and coffee all the way, but unfortunately it’s not up to us. Stay tuned! First interview will air this week.

Truth of the day

August 23, 2010

Word up

August 12, 2010

As a copywriter geek I looooove and all their clever sayings and funny t-shirts. You can be sure to see more posts about their coolest stuff here regularly. Stay tuned.

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