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January 3, 2012

If I had kids, I would teach them!

By Frieke Janssens


Suspicious looking kids in ads

November 16, 2010

Oh, what joy flipping through a stack of old magazines can bring you. Exotic recipes with iceberg, pasta and grapefruit, editorials with fashion that is in fact in fashion right now and ads featuring suspicious kids with a touch of hipstamatic. Here are some highlights:

My first slave ship from Fisher Price. Muahaha…


Don’t. feel. comfortable. Itchy. sweater. Woman. not. my. mother.


No one told be I was going to be naked and have my lips glued to my gums, so get this over with!


I was promised candy. This is raisins. I hate my job.


Who needs spelt when you can have shiny, shiny white bread, oh I want more of you, MORE!


Nope. I will not smile in a million years. I let my retarded brother do that.

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