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This young geek is going to New York to record

February 14, 2011

And that would be me Line, caught in a precious moment of enjoying music, race cars and spoon between toes, dreaming about the day she would go to New York to record music. Stay updated on the EP making at Turn off the click track, please.



Nataly is dawn good

December 9, 2010

A long time ago I posted a link to Pomplamoose’s youtube vids… now Nataly has made an album… and I like it. I just wish that her cover of Joni Mitchell’s “River” was on it, I can listen to it all the time, it’s so pretty.

I have a confession to make!

December 26, 2009

I have never watched Twin Peaks. I know. It’s about as terrible as the result of the COP15 meeting last week. But if anything is remotely scary, I can’t watch it. I have never even watched Candy Man, but just writing about it here means that I won’t be able to look into a mirror for the next 48 hours. I prefer My Little Pony kind of stories loaded with stars and rainbows and hearts and shades of pink!

So when I watched this video (which turned out to be an unofficial one) for the Mount Eerie track “Between Two Mysteries” I went “wow, beautiful footage to match a beautiful song, wonder what they are talking about out of sync with the lyrics”, and I read the youtube comments and discovered that it’s a Twin Peaks clip. I’m not really into TV series, but now I’m completely hooked on the idea of watching Twin Peaks if everything is as cool and mysterious as this clip. Somebody volunteer to hold my hand while watching? Woolen blankets and chocolate brownies included.

Mount Eerie is actually playing Loppen, Christiania April 2010. Apparently Mount Eerie is a guy called Phil Elverum. I think he sings a little like Owen Pallett and the sound reminds me of Peace Burial at Sea. But beware – the song for this video represents the calmer style of his. Most of his music is really noisy and loaded with emotions and definitely not for the weak-hearted.

Mr. Elverum

Shop, drink, eat, sleep and fuck the pain away

December 22, 2009

There are so many enjoyable ways of eliminating pain – can’t blame Peaches for singing about one of the best. In the spirit of the geeks, wise words like hers should be embroided on a pillow and placed in the couch for shady sleepover dudes to rest their head on. Props to gangsta grandma Subversive Stitch for adding some street style to the art of needlework.

Peaches seems kind of geeky herself bending over backwards to get light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation features for her show (that would be LASER for those of you not familiar with the words behind the abbreviation)

If you wanna go behind the scenes/further up her skirt, check out the full story here and watch her drive the Berlin LASER-tech guy mad. Maybe I should give him a call. I want those LASER instruments for my gig in February too! Oh, in combination with some lyrics-pillow-merch maybe… t-shirts and badges are so last year!

Off the record

August 13, 2009

Picture 1

Suplex Casettes and one of my favorite bands – art-punk-rock-ish An Emergency – has released 50 copies of what is apparently their last album ever. I won’t be able to play the tape (oh maybe at my parents house!) but I might get it anyway just in memory of this amazing British band who names their songs things like “Irony nein danke” and “Kevin Bacon”. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what the music sounds like with titles like that – the titles already made my day. But An Emergency does in fact sound wonderfully weird and great in addition to creating funny song titles.


Ignore the half-naked guy dancing with apples

June 21, 2009

I know that it can be hard not to get focused on his actions, cause it’s just plain weird. Just look at hot Devendra and listen to this amazing take on a classic. Summertime is just one of my absolute favorites, especially in this hippie-realaxed version. I can’t find it anywhere else than youtube, so if you know where to get it in mp3, don’t be a stranger… cause I crave to have it on my Itunes.

The First Movement

May 5, 2009

I ran across these guys at a live gig some time ago… They were a total surprise, cause they were really young, and everybody was a bit anxious about what we were about to hear when they were setting up on stage. But when they started playing it was amazing, they blew the room over and left everybody talking about it the rest of the evening. They took on the stage with such presence, nerve and maturity that it seemed like they had played together forever. The only bad thing I can say about them is that they have only recorded four tracks and isn’t playing any live gigs according to their myspace. But check out a few more tracks at their bandbase profile… cause they are definitely worth your time. 


One man fits all

May 4, 2009

Chris Cornell must be the most perfect man ever designed. According to our new friend Mattias, who interviewed him lately, he is also extremely friendly and lovely to be around.   There is nothing bad to say about Chris except that he started working with Timberland. Stop it, OK?

Picture by Eva from the lastest Vega concert

He’ll be playing at Vega this autumn, and in spite of the fact that his last concert was absolutely amazing with loads of old Soundgarden songs, just the thought of him playing a Timberland song makes us wanna stay away. We know, maybe we are snobbish, but if music and ALWAYS eating dinner with a nice paper napkin are the only things we are snobbish about that’s fine with us. But then again, do you qualify as a music snob if you, like Line, sometimes listen to the euro/techno/trance/dance version of the Tetris tune 15 times in a row, or Eva that unwillingly admits having 87 tracks by Grethe and Jørgen Ingemann on her Itunes?

Flashy, trashy and so new romantic

April 27, 2009

Remember in the 80’s when it was almost expected of men to wear makeup? Even if it was way over the top and combined with stumpy tee’s and a crazy ass hairdo. Then pep it up with an old-school military jacket and lines like “I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention” … I think I need more of this in the world… crazy and old time retro. I just simply love it!

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